Greater Anointing Tabernacle

"The Church with Results, Reaching the World"


Bishop Richard J. Stockton, III heard the Lord say, “Go out and preach to a dying generation”. It was a calling on his life to start preaching the Word of God at the age of 19. Following this calling, he became the Youth Leader and an ordained Assistant National Evangelist at the Greater Holy Tabernacle Church, and faithfully served in several other ministries there. Shortly thereafter, he became an esteemed graduate of the Manhattan Bible Institute in New York City. While diligently serving many years in ministry, the Lord then called him to establish Greater Anointing Tabernacle, Inc. In faithfully serving as the Senior Pastor of this ministry, the Lord elevated him to the office of a Bishop. Bishop Richard J. Stockton, III holds a Masters of Theology and a Doctrine of Divinity.

Bishop Stockton is a fourth generational preacher and a well sought after speaker who ministers the sound and unadulterated Word of God with dynamic authority. Like a mighty rushing wind, his powerful presentation of the Gospel has enabled him to minister to many denominations and organizations. As a result, countless people have been delivered and healed miraculously. Through his unyielding passion for spreading the liberating Word of God, scores of people have given their lives to Christ and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at Greater Anointing Tabernacle and beyond in revivals, conferences, and seminars. As a man of profound faith, Bishop Stockton continues to walk in truth, integrity, and humility as he continues to operate in the ministry of deliverance and restoration. He has dedicated his life to healing the broken hearted, confronting and reversing generational curses on people’s lives through the demonstration of the Spirit and of power.  By divine revelation, he founded the Greater Anointing Tabernacle Institute for Theological Studies in 2013 and is the president of this empowering institution.

As the Senior Pastor of Greater Anointing Tabernacle Inc., his genuine sense of realness, transparency, and anointing have become the indelible trademarks of this intelligent and articulate expositor of the Word. As the shepherd of this rapidly growing ministry, Bishop Stockton is committed to his sheep and will stop at nothing to see that each and every member fulfills their destiny in Christ Jesus in these last days. In addition to shepherding Greater Anointing Tabernacle, he has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad in such places like Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and England, and continues to receive speaking invitations from other countries and states alike.


He is a dedicated family man to his supportive and gracious wife, Pastor Tiffany Stockton, a powerful woman of God; son, Richard Joseph Stockton IV; and daughter, Faith Stockton.